Event Details

EQUUS FEST EAST is happening on September 23-24, 2023 at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, New York!

Tickets are just $10.00 at the door.   Kids 8 and under are FREE! Parking is FREE! Stay tuned for our Advanced Ticket Sales announcement!

Every adult ticket holder is eligible to enter our Special Prize Raffle…stay tuned for more information!

Demonstrations will happen in the Main Arena. Trainer Talks will be in the Livestock Building. Shopping will be in the Youth Building, Cattle Building and the Main Lawn!

FREE ATTENDEE PARKING is across from the Main Fairgrounds! DO NOT PARK IN THE FAIRGROUNDS! Violators will be towed and the vehicle owners expense!! Please park your vehicle in the public parking areas and then proceed to the TICKET BOOTH to PUCHASE your tickets!

TICKETS are $10.00 for every human over the age of EIGHT (8)! Childern under the age of EIGHT (8) are FREE! Cash, Debit, Credit, Venmo and PayPal accepted! The Ticket Booth is across from the Public Parking Area near the Main Arena. Once you have purchased your tickets proceed to the Main Gate (the big wooden structure directly across from the Ticket Booth) to enter Equus Fest East. Please show your proof of ticket purchase to the EFE Team Member.


VENDORS: If you represent a product, service, association, club, retail operation or in any way enrich and enhance the equine and rural lifestyle you need to be at Equus Fest East!

EQUUS FEST EAST 2023 Exhibitor Packet

MOBILE FOOD RETAILERS: We are looking for three to four of the BEST mobile food retailers in the region! We want the Attendees to experience great food at Equus Fest East!

EQUUS FEST EAST 2023 Food Vendor

CLINICIANS/TRAINERS: Get your approach and your business in front of hundreds of Attendees! You get arena time to present your approach and “Trainer Talk” time to discuss your programs plus marketing of your business!

EQUUS FEST EAST Clinician Packet


Get your “brand” in from of hundreds of focused, potential customers looking for YOU! We have THREE LEVELS of Exhibitor Booth Spaces available to fit your needs and budget! (Sorry, no available tables/chairs or display equipment for this event.)

DEADLINE TO RESERVE ALL VENDOR SPACES IS AUGUST 15, 2023! THE RATES BELOW ARE FOR BOTH DAYS! (Please note that any booth request received after August 15, 2023 will NOT be eligible for any of the Marketing programs and may be subject to a 15% late fee upcharge.)

  • PLATINUM MEDAL: Premium Indoor Booth Space (Youth Building) with access to electricity. Marketing Program and Meet-n-Greet Scavenger Hunt program participation is included. HALF PAGE AD IN THE PRINTED PROGRAM AND A FEATURED SPOT ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE INCLUDED. Spaces start at 10 x 10 in size. Just $250.00
  • GOLD MEDAL: Premium Indoor Booth Space (Youth Building) with access to electricity. Marketing Program and Meet-n-Greet Scavenger Hunt program participation is included. Spaces start at 10 x 10 in size. Just $180.00
  • SILVER MEDAL:  Covered Space (Cattle Building) with access to electricity. Marketing Program and Meet-n-Greet Scavenger Hunt program participation is included. Spaces start at 10 x 10 in size. Just $95.00.
  • BRONZE MEDAL: Outdoor Space. Meet-n-Greet Scavenger Hunt program is included. Spaces start at 10 x 10 in size. Just $80.00.
  • FARMERS MARKET (NEW for 2023): Exclusively for those selling farm-produced items such as eggs, honey, syrup, produce, and other consumable items. Handcrafted items such as handmade soaps, cheeses, juices, and jerky are also permitted in this area. Outdoor Space. Meet-n-Greet Scavenger Hunt program is available. Spaces start at 10 x 10 in size. Just $80.00
  • TACK SWAP MEET (New for 2023): Exclusively or those selling used tack and equine focused products only. Outdoor space only! Spaces start at 10 x 10 in size. Just $80.00

We have Trailer Spaces available too! Contact us for a quote (and an Exhibitor’s Packet) at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com today!

MARKETING PROGRAM: To participate in our Marketing Program which gets your brand” highlighted in our various marketing activities up to the day of the event, in our program and even after the event, you must have your Exhibitor Booth Registration and Fee in NO LATER that August 15, 2022. Any requests to exhibit after the August 15, 2022 deadline may not be able to be part of the Event’s Marketing Program.

CLINICIANS/TRAINERS: Contact us at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com for your Clinician’s Program information!

MOBILE FOOD VENDORS: Contact us at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com for your Food Vendor Program information!


NEW FOR 2023: The Farmers Market is a great way for those regional Farms and Ranches to promote their offerings to hundreds of Attendees! Space is limited in the Farmers Market so please DO NOT DELAY is reserving your space!



  1. Please, park in the Main Parking Area which is to the right of the Ticket Booth/Main Arena and across the street from the Main Fairgrounds. Please be courteous when parking. Parking is FREE.
  2. Please go to the Ticket Booth, next to the Main Arena, and purchase your tickets. Tickets are $10.00 each (Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, and Venmo accepted. Please bring exact change if paying with cash). Children 8 and under are FREE. Be sure to get your Program and your “Marketplace Meet-n-Greet” Game Form!
  3. Head across the street and visit with our Exhibitors! You will be checked at the Main Gate (it’s the wood/metal structure with the roof) for your Hand Stamp. Your Hand Stamp gives you “in and out” privileges so DO NOT wash it off! Exhibitors will be located in the Youth Building, Cattle Building, and on the Greenway Lawn.


  1. All CLINICS/DEMONSTRATIONS will happen in the Marketplace Greenway Corral and the Cattle Building Corral. The schedule for these Clinics and Demonstrations is on the Program. Please be sure to listen for announcements about “impromptu demonstrations and learning opportunities.” Do not miss out on these great sessions! Our DRILL TEAM and POLO CLUB presentations will happen in the Main Arena!
  2. All TRAINER TALK SESSIONS will happen in the Livestock Pavilion behind the Youth Building and Cattle Building. These are “unmounted” sessions where our Featured Clinicians will discuss a specific topic or topics and answer your questions.   Do not miss out on these great sessions!


Horses will be on-site at various locations during the celebration. Please follow these rules when enjoying Equus Fest East, and interacting with the horses.

  1. SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Keep small children away from any horse tied to a Horse Trailer or when it is being worked with/ridden! If a Horse is secured in a Pen or Paddock you may approach it. See #3 about “Petting A Horse.” Stay at least SIX FEET away from any unsecured Horse until the Owner says you may approach it. Never come up from BEHIND the Horse! Ever!
  2. DO NOT FEED THE HORSES! If you violate this rule you will be asked to leave the event! If the Owner of the Horse gives your permission to feed their Horse AND IS PRESENT while you do, that is fine.
  3. PETTING THE HORSES is fine, BUT you must ask permission of the Owner FIRST, then let the horse sniff the back of your hand, and when the horse acknowledges you, you may pet its neck and shoulder. DO NOT TOUCH THE HORSE’S FACE FIRST!
  4. When in doubt, go to #1 and ASK FIRST!


  1. The MARKETPLACE MEET-n-GREET GAME is your opportunity to win a cool Gift Bucket from LUCKY STAR HORSEMANSHIP. Your game sheet will be given to you when you purchase your ticket. You will need to visit EVERY Exhibitor on the game sheet, get them to initial by their name, fill out the bottom of the game sheet and take it to the Youth Building. Place your game sheet in the MARKETPLACE MEET-n-GREET Box.

Thank you, in advance, for celebrating all things Horse and Rural Lifestyle with us at Equus Fest East! Be sure to thank our hardworking Volunteers, visit with our Clinicians, chat with our Exhibitors, and have a fantastic day!

We look forward to sharing a FANTASTIC celebration with YOU!


Well we are! Even though the event is on the horizon, we are already planning for a fantastic celebration of “All Things Horse and Rural Lifestle at the “original” Third Annual EQUUS FEST EAST 2023! Two amazing days – SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2023 at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, New York from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. We are keeping the Ticket Prices the same (stay tuned as we may add Advanced Ticket Purchase options which may save you money) and have grown the event into a TWO-DAY celebration thanks to your support in 2021 and 2022!