HEADLINER: SONNY GARGUILO – Sonny Garguilo Natural Horsemanship, NY

Lucky Star Horsemanship and Equus Fest East is both thrilled and honored to announce that our Featured Headliner Clinician is SONNY GARGUILO of @Sonny Garguilo Natural Horsemanship (www. https://sonnygarguilo.com/)! Here is a bit about the always inspirational Sonny Garguilo:

Sonny Garguilo was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., the furthest place from a horse.

At an early age he discovered a true love and respect for the horse. At the age of 31 he purchased his first horse, from there it became a passion, a lifestyle. Being influenced by some of the greatest horseman such as Ray Hunt, Bill and Tom Dorrance, John and Josh Lyons and Tommie Mack Turvey, Sonny understood that spending time with horses, in their world would only allow him to better understand them.

Sonny Garguilo spends most of his days teaching horses and helping build a bridge between horse and rider. He will be the first to tell you that his greatest teacher is the horse. His ability to communicate with the horse in a gentle, non-aggressive way is what makes him one of the country’s leading Equine problem solvers.
Sonny has been a featured clinician at some of the largest known expos, such as Equine Affair, the Maryland and Pennsylvania Horse world expos, Virginia Horse Festival , and even the Mane Event in Canada. He was also a chosen competitor in three Extreme Mustang Challenges, winning the trail class in 2012 and placing fourth overall in 2013.

Sonny Garguilo is the only Natural Horseman in the thirty three-year history of the prestigious Hampton Classic to be invited to do an opening day demonstration, not once but twice.

In 2016, Sonny Garguilo was invited to represent the USA in the International colt starting competition. Only three competitors from three countries given 3 hours to start a colt to ride through an obstacle course.
Today Sonny Garguilo travels the United States and Europe as a guest speaker, demonstrator and featured clinician for some of the largest expos in the country. Sonny also spends time holding teaching clinics to help the horse and human build a lasting relationship.

Sonny is the Author of his top selling book, “SONNYISMS, The horse Lovers Guide to Common Sense”. He was the host of the number one Horse talk radio show in NY, “Horsin’ Around Naturally”.

In 2015 Sonny represented the U.S. in an international colt starting challenge.
Along with his partner the “Amazin’ Sis and his Mustang America, Sonny will continue to educate and inspire to make the world a better place for the horse. If you would like to learn more about Sonny visit his website http://www.sonnygarguilo.com.

Michael Canfield- Lucky Star Horsemanship, Kerhonkson, NY

Like so many horse people, Michael found his love of horses at a young age.  Serious study into the art of horsemanship began way back in 1992 when he purchased a “project horse” for the whopping sum of $200.00. He has been loping along learning, improving and eventually helping others with their horses ever since.

Today, Michael is the owner of Lucky Star Horsemanship offering education, evaluations, clinics and lessons throughout NY, PA and CT. Michael is also currently the Clinician and Assistant Director of Equine Programming and Marketing at Pine Ridge Dude Ranch.

Michael is proud to be a presenter at Equine Affaire this November in Springfield, MA.

Kera Robinson – Grandview Equestrian Center/ Diamond in The Rough Farm, Harwington, CT

My name is Kera Robinson, I am out of Grandview Farms and Diamond in the Rough Therapeutic Riding Center in Harwinton CT. I specialize in “problem” horses that either the horse’s owner has hit a wall in progress or the horses that everyone else has given up on. I ride both English and Western because it helps me find the jobs that the horses enjoy instead of one the horses are pushed to do. I have done a lot of work with Off the Track Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, pretty much anything that walks through the door. During my presentations, and trainer talks I will be giving some tips and I am open to answer any questions people might have about “problem” horses, or problems they have with their horses. My goal is to spread some of my knowledge with the public so we have less horses being labeled as “problem horses”.

Dino Fretterd/Anthony Madaia – Hoof and Body, Newburgh, NY

Dino is a professional Equine Bodywork Specialist. He began working with horses in 1996. Throughout the years his work has taken him across the country to various venues to educate, instruct and provide private clinics for horse owners. To achieve a truly balanced horse, Dino has joined forces with Anthony Madaia, one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Hoof Care Providers, he has had the honor to meet.

Anthony has been trimming since 2001 and is just as excited going to work every morning as if it was his first day. He believes you must have passion for what you do in order to be your best.

As a barefoot trimmer Anthony thought his tools and the proper application of them were all that he needed to restore balance to a horse’s hooves. Yet there has always been a handful of horses that he just couldn’t seem to fix. That is until he met Dino who showed him the missing piece to the puzzle. The positive changes to the horse’s posture and therefore its balance can be seen in one good session with Dino. Anthony knew partnering up with Dino to create a True Hybrid Hoof and Bodywork Professional was a no-brainer.