We wish to thank all of our amazing 2022 Featured Presenters who shared their insights, skills and knowledge with the hundreds of Attendees who came through the Main Gate!


Michael Canfield- Lucky Star Horsemanship, Red Hook, NY

Like so many horse people, Michael found his love of horses at a young age.  Serious study into the art of horsemanship began way back in 1992 when he purchased a “project horse” for the whopping sum of $200.00. He has been loping along learning, improving and eventually helping others with their horses ever since.

Today, Michael is the owner of Lucky Star Horsemanship offering education, evaluations, clinics and lessons throughout the Eastern U.S. from Michigan, to Maine, to Florida! Michael has been a Featured Presenter at Equine Affaire, Horse World Expo, Michigan Horse Expo, WNY Equifest, New York State Fair, Equus Fest East and many other events. His focus is bringing Horses and Humans closer together, developing strong partnerships and enriching performance utilizing the Cooperative Horsemanship approach. To learn more about Lucky Star Horsemanship please visit their website at http://www.luckystarhorsemanshipny.com

Kera Robinson – GRANDVIEW FARMS, Avon, CT

My name is Kera Robinson, I am out of Grandview Farms in Avon, CT. I specialize in “problem” horses that either the horse’s owner has hit a wall in progress or the horses that everyone else has given up on. I ride both English and Western because it helps me find the jobs that the horses enjoy instead of one the horses are pushed to do. I have done a lot of work with Off the Track Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, pretty much anything that walks through the door. During my presentations, and trainer talks I will be giving some tips and I am open to answer any questions people might have about “problem” horses, or problems they have with their horses. My goal is to spread some of my knowledge with the public so we have less horses being labeled as “problem horses”.

Dino Fretterd/Anthony Madaia – Hoof and Body, Newburgh, NY

Dino is a professional Equine Bodywork Specialist. He began working with horses in 1996. Throughout the years his work has taken him across the country to various venues to educate, instruct and provide private clinics for horse owners. To achieve a truly balanced horse, Dino has joined forces with Anthony Madaia, one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Hoof Care Providers, he has had the honor to meet.

Anthony has been trimming since 2001 and is just as excited going to work every morning as if it was his first day. He believes you must have passion for what you do in order to be your best.

As a barefoot trimmer Anthony thought his tools and the proper application of them were all that he needed to restore balance to a horse’s hooves. Yet there has always been a handful of horses that he just couldn’t seem to fix. That is until he met Dino who showed him the missing piece to the puzzle. The positive changes to the horse’s posture and therefore its balance can be seen in one good session with Dino. Anthony knew partnering up with Dino to create a True Hybrid Hoof and Bodywork Professional was a no-brainer.

ANTHONEY GODFREY/ANTHONY GODFREY HORSEMANSHIP: Anthony specializes in starting your horses and helping horses overcome their problems. By age 12 Anthony found his passion and began his study of the horse. Having a very diverse background doing everything from mounted trail guide to mounted security to barn management he continued to explore aspects of horsemanship that helped horses create a solid foundation. Anthony enjoys sorting, penning and team roping. Be sure to catch his Demonstrations and Trainer Talk segment at Equus Fest East 2022 happening on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at the Ulster County Fairground in New Paltz, NY


Anita Martin of Loving Hands for Horses will be one of the Presenters at Equus Fest East! From equine sports massage to saddle fitting, Anita brings her compassion and skills to the equine community. From Anita’s website comes this quote. “To Help Horses with their Pain, and to Help Horse Owners understand that Horses suffer muscle pain more than we realize!

Too many Horses have ended up in a bad place due to undesirable behavior out of pain, my goal is to change that one Horse at a time!”

Visit her in the Youth Building, at her Demonstrations and Trainer Talk Segments