Welcome To Equus Fest!

Michael & Theresa – Equus Fest Organizers

From the Event Organizers

We are looking forward to another AMAZING celebration of “All Things Horse and Rural Lifestyle” on Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24 2023. We have a GREAT line-up of Clinicians and Industry Professionals, WONDERFUL Exhibitors and DELECTABLE Food Vendors who enrich the event so very much! We are very thankful for their support, their shared vision of being part of a very unique event and for being the BEST the region has to offer!

Our next EQUUS FEST EAST CELEBRATION for 2023 is going to be a TWO DAY EVENT and is already shaping up to be a unique experience! Stay tuned for the big announcement once we wrap up our 2022 celebration!

The concept of Equus Fest came out of Michael’s graduate thesis while working on his MBA. The idea that a regionally focused “horse expo” could support the industry in a very different way than the “Big Expos” could not simply because of their size and complexity…Not everyone can attend a large, 4 day event (but we REALLY encourage everyone to attend them because the experience is amazing!). Sometimes smaller is better. Equus Fest offers an opportunity to those folks perhaps just getting started on their horsemanship journey. Building relationships and supporting the Horse and Rural Lifestyle community is, in essence, building a stronger foundation that can lead to some pretty amazing things for everyone. Connection, commerce, community and education are the heart of events like Equus Fest and have been since the very beginning.

Fast forward through the last two years. There have been numerous challenges to our economy, our chosen industry and the quality of our lives. These challenges have clearly illuminated the need for a celebration like Equus Fest East to happen!

As a “team of two” Theresa and Michael have worked vigorously to create an event that brings together the region’s best Exhibitors, Service Providers, Clinicians, Craftspeople, Groups/Clubs and those that enrich and enhance the horse/rural lifestyle. It has taken creativity, dedication, focus and drive to get to this point and they are not slowing down! Each day brings new opportunities, new connections and new relationships that will help make Equus Fest East an event to remember!

A huge THANK YOU to all of the Exhibitors who have (and continue to) support Equus Fest East! Being able to offer these great folks a platform to share their offerings to the horse/rural lifestyle community is truly a blessing. Equus Fest East is looking forward to celebrating with MANY Attendees who offer their support of this chosen way of life by coming in through the gates, meeting with our great Exhibitors and creating great experiences!

Equus Fest East is happening on Saturday September 25, 2021 at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, NY from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  If you like to Exhibit, be part of the Clinician line-up, be a Participant Rider (horse needed) or be part of the Volunteer Equus Fest Team please drop us an email at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com today!

Thanks for reading!

Theresa & Michael

Lucky Star Horsemanship/ Equus Fest